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Preparing for Our Lord Jesus Christ

Online Advent Calendars

  • Keep Christ in Christmas – Click on the calendar for a video on each day of Advent. See more
  • CAFOD’s Online Calendar – sign up for daily reflections sent directly to your inbox. See more
  • Celebrate the Season of Advent in your home. See more
  • The Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference Advent Calendar can be accessed here

Prayers and Reflection

Women of the Archdiocese of Birmingham present Advent Reflections – they have produced a reflection for each Sunday in Advent. The reflection will also be available on the Women of the Diocese Facebook page and Friday prayer email. See more

Advent and Christmas – Advent is a season of reflection, anticipation and reconciliation as we await the birth of our Lord and Saviour. Resources include The Gospel According to St Luke, Keeping Christ in Christmas, Pandemic Advent Calendar. See more

Dies Domini – Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy – To hold up the vital, indispensable and irreplaceable place of the Eucharist in our lives, we have produced a series of discussions for Advent called ‘Dies Domini – Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy’. See more

Advent Video series from the Holy Land – Andy McCullough through ICN writes: –The Bethlehem Story is a series of daily videos following the story of the little town in Palestine from the death of Rachel to the birth of Christ.

The Christmas GospelsSee more

Advent Reflections 2021 – Anne O’Connor has written some lovely and thought-provoking reflections. Please have a look at them through the NJPN website here.

Renowned Catholic speaker Mauro Iannicelli from Come & See Catholic Evangelisation Ministries, breaks open the Advent Sunday Gospels with in-depth teaching and stimulating questions. As a result, you will experience Sunday Mass in a new way! Five Wednesdays: 24 November, 1 December, 8 December, 15 December, 22 December. 7 – 8pm UK time. Free of Charge. Live sessions on YouTube. Please register

Making Room for God this Christmas. In the midst of all the preparation and busyness this Christmas, take some time out to create space for the sacred. Try out our new ‘Room for God’ resource here. See more

CAFOD Advent Prayers. There is a good selection to choose from here

Dreaming with Joseph this Christmas: On Dreaming in a Time of Crisis (Part 1) – David McLoughlin takes a closer look at St Joseph’s background and story. See more

Dreaming with Joseph this Christmas: On Dreaming in a Time of Crisis (Part 2) – David McLoughlin continues his reflections on the life of St Joseph and the lessons we can learn from him. See more

Christmas: The Lord who enters his Temple Why wasn’t Jesus born in the Temple? Fr Michael Hall shows us the expected in the unexpected this Christmas with a richer understanding of the Scriptures, and where God reveals his holiness and glory in a new light. See more

Resources for Young People and Families

CAFOD Advent Resources for Young People – Advent calendar and classroom liturgy. See more

The Christmas Story in Plain English words and pictures with a character code to bring the stories to life. See more

Celebrate Christmas with Bible Society! Discover Christmas booklets, animations, stickers, gifts and more. See more

The Christmas Donkey – a new and interactive way to tell the Christmas story. See more

The Advent Feast – PDF booklet for families and friends. See more

Alternative Christmas Gifts

This Christmas we celebrate once again the moment when Love was born in a stable. As we journey this Advent, we prepare our hearts as a space where the Christ Child may be welcomed as in the manger. See more

World Gifts CAFOD. Poverty doesn’t do price cuts and neither do we. Choose World Gifts this Black Friday and help families in poverty to change their lives. See more

Christmas can be a difficult time for many

Soul to Soul invites you to walk with us, alongside some biblical characters. We explore the link between faith and meaning, suffering and the ‘dark night of the soul’, and what salvation might mean in the here and now. Using the rhythm of the day, this resource offers hope and wisdom in tough times today. See more

Pope’s Prayer Intention for August 2022 for Small Businesses

We pray for small and medium sized businesses; in the midst of economic and social crisis, may they find ways to continue operating, and serving their communities.

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