Children's liturgy Christ the King

Welcome to our page for children. We also have a separate page for young people.

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Please also see Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society – supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people.

The Kid’s Bulletin is a fun way for Catholic kids to learn about the Faith each week.

YouTube channel connects Catholic families across the country

Meet Peter and Maria Jones and their five children. This Catholic family from Hertfordshire began a YouTube channel called “One of Nine” in November 2020 and continue to produce and upload weekly content. See more

Children’s liturgy from CAFOD

The following excerpt is from the Diocese of Brentwood’s website

CAFOD has downloadable children’s liturgy resources available for most Sundays throughout the year. While groups are unable to meet in parishes, CAFOD is offering a virtual children liturgy of the word at 10am on Sundays as a webinar.

Emotional and mental health needs

The particular emotional and mental health needs of children should not be overlooked and Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society continues to provide vital support in these areas. Visit

Pope’s Monthly Prayer April 2021

Fundamental Human Rights
We pray for those who risk their lives while fighting for fundamental rights under dictatorships, authoritarian regimes and even in democracies in crisis. See more